Cookies to Camping (Part 2)

The countdown is on! Girl Scout Cookie Season is only one month away, and we can’t wait to see what this year has in store for our cookie bosses. What goals will you achieve this year? That’s up to you! Remember Indie Girl Scout sisters Illy and Nina from Bethel Park who had their sightsContinue reading “Cookies to Camping (Part 2)”

Rallying around our cookie bosses

Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania has a sweet announcement coming—the name of the new Girl Scout Cookie that will be joining the 2023 lineup nationwide! Before we rally around a new cookie, we want to highlight some of our cookie bosses, their goals, and the impact the Girl Scout Cookie Program has had on their lives.Continue reading “Rallying around our cookie bosses”

Adding education to benefit the community

Morgan Allen, a Girl Scout from Johnstown, enhanced the educational experience at a local, public park as part of her Girl Scout Silver Award. She designed, built, and installed 12 tree identification markers. The markers included facts about the specific species of tree and photos of the tree, its leaves, seeds, flowers, nuts, and bark.Continue reading “Adding education to benefit the community”

Girl Scout keeps her troop connected

Girl Scout Samantha Potts of Westmoreland County took initiative to keep her troop involved in Girl Scout fun. Inspired by a Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania live patch program, Samantha stepped up to lead her troop in her very own patch program creation. “I was excited to share the opportunity with my troop,” Samantha said. “IContinue reading “Girl Scout keeps her troop connected”

Alum stands in confidence thanks to her Girl Scout experience

Regina Munsch, Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania alum and a Gold Award Girl Scout, consistently finds herself standing confidently in traditionally male-dominated areas. From playing the trumpet in middle school to earning her bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering to currently pursuing a career as a dentist, she says that it’s Girl Scouts that helped her beContinue reading “Alum stands in confidence thanks to her Girl Scout experience”

Troop Tuesday – June 29, 2021

Just like so many others, Girl Scout Troop 46136 knew this past cookie season would bring new challenges and new ways to overcome them. Of all the things they discovered though, their new success was the most surprising—and exciting! When the troop faced restrictions on their plans for indoor booth sales, they ventured out….into theContinue reading “Troop Tuesday – June 29, 2021”

National Bridging Week: June 5-12

Levelling up in Girl Scouts is a big deal. It’s a moment to honor all your Girl Scout’s accomplishments and celebrate the resilient, bold, and thoughtful girl she’s become. Bridging is a special tradition that marks Girl Scouts’ achievements throughout the years and celebrates their “crossing the bridge” to the next level. It typically involvesContinue reading “National Bridging Week: June 5-12”