Volunteer Spotlight: Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black recalls her time as a Girl Scout in Cheswick, where her favorite memory was going to Camp Henry Kaufmann as a troop. Up until she graduated high school, her mom was her troop leader. “It gave us the opportunity to spend time and experience so much together,” she said. “I wanted the sameContinue reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Rebecca Black”

Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Rankin

When thinking about her Girl Scout memories, Emily Rankin says her favorite—the one that inspires her to continue volunteering—is when she was camping with her first troop as a volunteer. “The girls were probably Brownies,” she said. “I got to the cabin a little late on the first night. All of a sudden, one ofContinue reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Rankin”

Volunteer Spotlight: Heather Balas

Watching girls grow into responsible, service-minded young women is Heather Balas’s favorite part about volunteering with Girl Scouts. “It is incredibly rewarding to watch these young girls grow and to know that you had a small part in that,” she said. When Heather’s oldest daughter expressed interest in joining Girl Scouts, Heather signed her upContinue reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Heather Balas”

Volunteer Spotlight: Misty Stephens

When Girl Scout information was presented to Misty Stephens and her daughters at their local library, she knew it would not only be a wonderful opportunity for her girls, but for herself, too. Misty has been a troop leader for five years, and this year she took on a new role as service unit troopContinue reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Misty Stephens”

Volunteer Spotlight: Jeanette Benedetto

Jeanette Benedetto has been volunteering with Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania ever since she signed her daughter up a little over three years ago. Although she didn’t plan to be a troop leader right away, it was a great way for her to make new friends after recently moving to the Pittsburgh area. She thought sheContinue reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Jeanette Benedetto”

Volunteer Spotlight: Julie Smialowski

“My [Girl] Scouts are fantastic—they are strong, independent, compassionate young ladies. They are my favorite thing about scouting,” says volunteer Julie Smialowski. For nine years, Julie was a Girl Scout in North East Ohio—she was even part of the first year of Daisy Girl Scouts in 1984! Her fond memories mixed with her desire forContinue reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Julie Smialowski”

Volunteer Spotlight: Kim Hockman

Cooking out, tie-dying shirts, camping, and enjoying the outdoors—it’s easy to see why exploring Camp Redwing with her girls is one of Kim Hockman’s favorite Girl Scout memories. “Being with the girls and learning new things with them,” she says, “is the best part about volunteering.” Kim became a volunteer with Girl Scouts Western PennsylvaniaContinue reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Kim Hockman”

Volunteer Spotlight: Angela Deemer

Like many Girl Scout leaders, Angela Deemer decided to volunteer because she wanted to spend more time with her daughter and her friends. Plus, as a former Girl Scout herself, she was familiar with the organization. Little did she know at the time, her decision would lead her to a 20-year (and counting!) leadership journey.Continue reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Angela Deemer”

Volunteer Spotlight: Kelsey Marsh

“When I was a Girl Scout, I enjoyed it because of my amazing leader. I wanted to follow in her footsteps,” Kelsey Marsh says. Kelsey fondly remembers the 11 years she spent as a Girl Scout, earning her Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards, the highest awards a girl can earn in Girl Scouts. These areContinue reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Kelsey Marsh”

Volunteer Spotlight: Jo Ann Messett

As a Girl Scout volunteer, Jo Ann Messett remembers a specific girl in her troop who lacked self-esteem. The young girl doubted her intelligence and insisted that she would never attend college. Jo Ann mentored her in Girl Scouts over the years and like most volunteers, she enjoyed watching her learn and grow while buildingContinue reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Jo Ann Messett”