Troop Tuesday: National Bridging Week

Service units across our council are preparing for their special Bridging Ceremonies—just like Service Unit 3622 of Fairview, Erie County. Congratulations to all of these troops! All that you’ve done during this Girl Scout level is remarkable, and we’re rooting for you as you start your next level—your next adventure!

Troop 36860

Troop Leaders Nicole M. & Allison L.

Troop 36860 completed two Journeys this year. The girls worked with others to clean up the Avonia Beach butterfly garden and learned about the Girl Scout Law to complete Welcome to the Flower Garden. Then they learned all about how to care for themselves and animals completing the 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals by meeting a special three legged cat named Taco, meeting a local veterinarian, and making educational books for the Humane Society.

Troop 36860 also worked on their automotive engineering skills, learned all about robots, tested their skills in toy designing, and met with the Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper to learn about government.

As a troop, the girls earned two of their Girl Scout Cookie selling leaves and sold 983 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies!

Bridging from Daisies to Brownies:
  • Maya A.
  • Mia B.
  • Tori B.
  • Elle C.
  • Gia F.
  • Gemma H.
  • Lauren L.
  • Faith L.
  • Maddie M.
  • Ainsley M.
  • Magdalena S.

Troop 36860 Girl Scouts becoming second-year Daisies:

  • Marissa K.
  • Rachel L.
  • Amelia W.

Troop 40978

Troop Leaders Annie B. & Jessica H.

Troop 40978 participated in several activities this year including a border patrol tour, a scarecrow building event, pottery painting, and horseback riding!

Bridging from Daisies to Brownies:
  • Hayley B. 
  • Jocelyn H. 
  • Amelia M.
  • Salena M.
  • Quinn T.
  • Brynn N.
  • Blakely N.
  • Britton S.
  • Laine M.
  • Flora D.

Troop 46671

Troop Leaders Sarah H. & Brea S.

As Brownies, Troop 46771 enjoyed painting lessons with a local artist, learning about First Aid from their troop leader, touring the Sturgeon House, a local historical landmark, and joining their Girl Scout sisters at many fun service unit events! The troop will be gathering at a year-end picnic to celebrate summer.

Bridging from Brownies to Juniors:
  • Ellie H.
  • Cecelia S.
  • Amelia S.
  • Camilla S.
  • Kathryn W.
  • Madelynn B.

Troop 36882

Troop Leader Irene M.

Troop 36882 kept busy this year with new experiences like the Asbury Woods Holiday Lights Hike and Virtual Candy Camp. The troop enjoyed Mug Cake Mondays (sounds yummy!) and many service unit events like the Thinking Day Art Gallery!

Troop 36882 will be enjoying an upcoming behind-the-scenes zoo trip, which they are all very excited for!

Bridging from Brownies to Juniors:
  • Aurora B.
  • Aubrey N.
  • Elizabeth M.
  • Ivy L.
  • Lily A.
  • Olivia M.
  • Tara W.
  • Jocelyn P.

Troop 27110

Troop Leaders Laura S. & Sue H.

These Girl Scouts completed many Junior badges virtually including Digital Photographer, First Aid, Jeweler, Coding, and Citizen Scientist. Brown bags with activities and supplies were delivered to homes so that girls could make mug cakes, play MOOZ, and make sit-upons.

It was a complete Girl Scout year with hiking, planting, painting, and playing together.

Bridging from Juniors to Cadettes:
  • Madison B.
  • Micayla E.
  • Faith H.
  • Harper H.
  • Abigail H.
  • Octavia L.
  • Rachel L.
  • Sophia M.

Troop 36509

Troop Leaders Lisa H. & Kaley F.

As Juniors, Troop 36509 joined their Girl Scout sisters at service unit gatherings like Goose Chase, Service in September, Winter Get Outdoors, and more! The girls constructed Australia for the World Thinking Day Art Gallery, and they enjoyed selling lots of cookies this cookie season.

Bridging from Juniors to Cadettes:
  • Gaelie H.
  • Ella S.
  • Lauren F.
  • Brooke A.
  • Lalana N.
  • Carissa W.
  • Coraline S.
  • Maelyn M.
  • Amelia D.
  • Amy T.

Troop 36545

Troop Leaders Christina V. & Monica M.

Troop 36545 came together virtually for brownie baking and Candy Camp. They are working on their Program Aide Training and looking forward to helping at this summer’s day camp. The troop spent time helping others by volunteering at their local humane society.

Bridging from Juniors to Cadettes:
  • Emily G.
  • Meredith M.
  • Ellery N.
  • Sarah A.

Troop 36507

Troop Leader Melanie D., Co-leader Monica M., and Troop Cookie Manager Megan C.

From baking and creating stop motion videos on Zoom to butterfly garden clean up, Troop 36507 had some busy Juniors! During their Junior level, the girls were able to enjoy Camp Creepy, hiking at Asbury Woods, learning new outdoor skills, and selling Girl Scout Cookies!

Bridging from Juniors to Cadettes:
  • Zoe M.
  • Clara D.
  • Kayla G.
  • Bella A.
  • Nova D.
  • Maisee C.
  • Nicole F.
  • Riley H.

Troop 30836

Troop Leaders Laura S., Michelle W., and Linda D.

During this Girl Scout level, these girls camped in rain and snow at Camp Hawthorne Ridge, Camp Conshatawba, and a US Coast Guard station. They toured the Erie Cemetery, biked at Presque Isle State Park, and enjoyed Zoom get-togethers.

Troop 30836 had a successful (and fun!) cookie season, and they worked hard on their outdoor booths.

The girls stayed connected during the summer of 2020 by baking together on Zoom every Friday.

Bridging from Seniors to Ambassadors:

  • Mallory B.*
  • Julie D.*
  • Isabella D.*
  • Autumn L.*
  • Josefina S.
  • Ashley S.*
  • Lydia S.*
  • Lauren W.

    Indie Scout Bridging from Cadette to Senior:
  • Kenzie S.

*2020 Silver Award Girl Scouts (Greenhouse Garden and Bat House)

Service Unit 3622’s bridging ceremony was held on Monday, June 7 with Amy M. serving as the mistress of ceremonies.

All GSWPA Girl Scouts, troops, and service units can submit their Girl Scout adventures and accomplishments to be featured on the GSWPA Blog!

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National Bridging Week: June 5-12

Levelling up in Girl Scouts is a big deal. It’s a moment to honor all your Girl Scout’s accomplishments and celebrate the resilient, bold, and thoughtful girl she’s become.

Bridging is a special tradition that marks Girl Scouts’ achievements throughout the years and celebrates their “crossing the bridge” to the next level. It typically involves a ceremony where the whole family can recognize how far their Girl Scout has come and prepare for amazing things to come.

Even more exciting? Looking ahead to the next stage in the Girl Scout journey—one filled with new adventures, activities, discoveries, and friends.

About a few of our bridging Girl Scouts

“Lily is renewed and will be flying up to Juniors next year! She is super passionate about art, animals and bugs, computer science, and caring for the earth. We’re looking forward to another year of learning, laughter, and friendship in her amazing troop! 💚”—Sarah

“Emily is renewed for next year, and she is moving up to Brownies. She has had fun and learned so much in the last two years. She has almost completed every Daisy badge, and she is excited for more. Madison is renewed and almost done with her Silver Award. She will be a senior and has been in Girl Scouts since kindergarten—looking forward to her going all the way through!”—Diana

“Alyssa and Serena are renewed for another year… and I have signed up for another year as their troop leader! Serena is flying up to a first-year Junior, and Alyssa is starting her second year as a Senior. Our time together in Girl Scouts with the friends we treasure is what we enjoy the most.”—Kira

“Avery and I are renewed for next year. She will fly up to Juniors. She said, “My favorite part of Girl Scouts is camping and hanging out with my Girl Scout sisters. I liked learning about building a campfire and helping in the community—like when we cleaned up trash!”—Jessica

“Devan is renewed for next year! She will be a first-year Junior. She said her favorite part of Girl Scouts is “getting to try new things even when I’m scared, like camping and indoor rock climbing. I know it’s safe to try, because my friends are there to cheer me on! I also like helping people and animals in the community. It’s nice to do things for others. “—Diane

“Cadence is renewed and will be a Cadette! She is planning a Lasagna Camp Weekend for the troop—making sauce, cheese, and pasta. Having and idea, creating a plan, and making it happen is the #gsdifference.”—Amanda

“Alyssa is working on finishing up her Bronze Award and renewed for next year. She is bridging to Cadette this year. A few years back our troop was losing its leader and dissolving. She asked me if I would please take over as leader. She was becoming such close friends with her sister Girl Scouts, and she didn’t want to lose them. I’m glad I decided to because we all need those really good friends in life, and with Girl Scounts, I think she has those. On top of that, it brings her and me closer together and helps her learn and grow her leadership skills.”—Stephanie

“Lydia has been renewed for another year… and I am signed up for another year as her troop leader! She is flying up to her first year as a Junior! It’s hard to believe we have done four years in Girl Scouts already… Our time together in scouts with the friends we treasure is what we enjoy the most.”—Leslie

“My daughter Emerson Winning has already renewed for next year as a new Brownie. Girl Scouts have helped her gain courage and overcome her severe shyness and now loves helping with the meetings.”—Sandy

Celebrate Her Continued Girl Scout Journey  

At the end of the Girl Scout year, those leaving:

  • Grade 1 bridge to Brownies
  • Grade 3 bridge to Juniors
  • Grade 5 bridge to Cadettes
  • Grade 8 bridge to Seniors
  • Grade 10 bridge to Ambassadors

And those graduating high school bridge to adults.

Sign up for national events where girls will earn their bridging awards and celebrate each other’s strengths. Although not required, completing the steps to earn Girl Scout Bridging Awards gives Girl Scouts a taste of what their experience will be like at the next level.

Let’s Travel!

Girl Scouts Destinations Explained

Girl Scout Destinations are domestic and international travel programs for individual Girl Scouts at the Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador levels. Destinations are for girls who are ready to take travel to the next level, and meet new friends while traveling the world. This is a chance for you to step out on your own and explore! Read on to learn more or click below to browse Girl Scout Destinations or register for our Destinations Q&A on May 27.

“ I went to Costa Rica December 27th to January 5th, 2019. The destination was a multi-day service project about sea-turtle conservation. We cleaned the beach in the morning and watched a sea turtle lay her eggs on the beach. We also went on turtle walks almost every night. When we weren’t on the beach, our trip included touring a coffee farm, taking a city tour in San Jose, ziplining, and visiting a volcano. I can say with 100% certainty that this was the best trip I have ever been on and that Costa Rica is the most beautiful place I have ever been. I strongly encourage other girls to apply for Destinations. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to travel again.” – Clara B., Girl Scout Ambassador

Destinations Q&A

What do you do on Destinations?

It depends on the trip you sign up for! There are programs that focus on the outdoors, STEM, or any number of things! Some programs are simply designed to have you experience a new place and see the world like this trip to England and Scotland. Check out the Destinations Explorer Tool to find the perfect travel opportunity for you.

How long are the trips?

These trips last from four days to two weeks and mostly take place during the summer although there are some opportunities during winter break as well.

Do I apply with my troop? Who goes on these Destinations?

Destinations are for individual girls only–they are not for troops or groups of friends, and they are not for parents or troop leaders. Individual girls apply for Destinations from around the country, so you’ll make friends from all over–even Girl Scouts from overseas!

How old do I need to be to apply?

Destinations are for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors. Some trips are posted two years in advance, so when you look on the website, make sure to think about how old you will be in two years. Juniors can definitely start looking at Destinations now!

Do I need travel experience?

No travel experience is required! Destinations are a perfect way for you to experience travel for the first time, or if you’ve been away from home multiple times. Some girls who attend Destinations have never been on an airplane before! All you need is interest and a sense of adventure!

How many girls are on each trip?

The average number of girls per trip is 14, but it varies. Some trips have just 7-8 girls and some trips have 30-35 girls.

Who runs Destinations?

Destinations are organized or “hosted” in three different ways.

  1. A Girl Scout council might host a Destination for girls across the country like the Central Coast Outdoor Adventure program sponsored by Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast.
  2. Sometimes a Girl Scout council wants to host a program overseas and partner with a tour provider, such as EF Tours, to travel internationally.
  3. Girl Scouts of the USA has relationships with a few tour providers who create and run Destinations just for Girl Scouts.

I’m a parent and these sound fun. Can I come too?

Unfortunately, this is a girl-only opportunity. But rest assured, the chaperones and instructors on these trips are highly-qualified, experienced leaders who strictly follow GSUSA’s rules and guidelines.

How much do Destinations cost?

There is a wide range of prices–some trips are as low as $750 but others can be more than $5,000. Be sure to read the descriptions in detail and compare programs carefully. For example, one trip may be more expensive, but it may be significantly longer than another. Another VERY important detail to consider is airfare. One trip may seem much less expensive than another, but may not include airfare. This could drastically effect the cost of the trip, making it closer in price to more expensive trips that have airfare included.

Are there any scholarships?

Some organizations have scholarships you can apply for, either from them directly, or from grant funding like the Sea Turtle Destination in Costa Rica which uses funds from the Elliot Wildlife Foundation. Details of how to apply will be listed on the trip page.

GSWPA also has scholarship funding exclusively for girls accepted to Destinations so be sure to apply! This scholarship is called a D-Pass–stay tuned for more information when the applications open!

If I’m an Indie Girl, can I use my program reward certificate to help fund my Destination?

Yes! Contact us at or 800-248-3355 for more information on using program rewards.

Where can I read what other girls have to say about their Destination?

Right here.

How do I apply?

Once you find the Destination you want to apply to, download the Destinations Application Worksheet. This worksheet is just your rough draft. Once you have completed the application worksheet, copy the information into the online application.

What do I need for my application?

You will need your contact information, your parent/guardian contact information, and the name of your local Girl Scout council.

You will also need the name and email address of two people who have already agreed to provide a reference for you. A third reference is optional, but not required.

Lastly, you will need to list your skills and activities and write an essay.

Who can I ask to be my reference?

You could ask your Girl Scout leader, a teacher, a religious leader, or a sports coach. If you have a job, you can ask your supervisor. If you do not have any of these, maybe a neighbor or adult family friend who knows you well. Do no ask family members or peers your own age to be a reference.

You should contact the person to ask them if they are willing to be a reference for you BEFORE you enter their email address into your application. Let them know about Destinations, the trip(s) you are applying to, and why you want to attend. Then, ask them if they are willing to be your reference and if they are able to complete the reference form by the deadline date.

How do my references submit their letter?

After you complete your part of the online application, a link will be sent to your reference to complete their part. You will get an email when your references complete their sections, so you will know your application is complete. If you do not get the email and it is a couple days before your deadline, check in with your references to see if they have completed the form, or still have time to do so.

What do I write about in my essay?

Talk about why that specific trip interests you. Are you excited to learn about the culture? Let the Destination host know what you hope to get out of this experience. Are there skills you hope to learn or is there a place you have always wanted to see? Be specific!

Write about what YOU bring. What are your specific skills that are relevant to the Destination? For example, if this is a Destination to a city where you’ll be staying in a hotel, it’s less important to talk about your camping experience, and more important to talk about your experience using buses and subways. If it is an outdoor Destination, talk about your camping experience and skills.

Be sure to completely prepare your essay before you begin to enter your information online. You cannot save your information in the online application and come back to finish it later. You must complete it in one sitting. You should have your entire essay drafted and saved in case you have any technical issues while you are completing the online form.

Can I apply to multiple Destinations?

Yes! You can apply for up to four trips. However, you will have to complete a separate application for each trip you want to apply to. You can copy most of the information exactly from your worksheet–just make sure you are entering a different essay for each trip.

Should I apply to multiple Destinations?

Some Destinations fill up fast, so it is often suggested that you fill out applications to a few of your top choices, just in case one fills up, you will still have back-up options.

When are the deadlines?

Destinations have multiple application periods. The first deadline to submit your application is June 15, 2021. The second deadline will be in the fall. Applications will then be taken on a rolling basis for any Destinations with spots left.

When do I find out if I got in?

If you apply by June 15, The host will email you by July 15 to alert you if you are accepted, not accepted, or placed on a waitlist. Once you select a Destination, you must pay a non-refundable deposit by August 1, 2021. The deposit goes toward your program fee for the Destination.

What happens after I’ve accepted?

After you have accepted, each Destination will have their own timeline for payments and information being rolled out. Keep an eye on your email after being accepted to hear more from each individual Destination!

Troop Tuesday – April 27, 2021

Girls and volunteers from various troops celebrated Earth Day at Camp Skymeadow this past weekend.

Girls learned to reduce, reuse, and recycle. They visited various booths focused on our planet and ways that we can protect it. They celebrated our Earth with fun crafts and activities.

The girls made an art project from recycled items and learned about identifying animal tracks. They explored camp and found different colors and animals in nature and discovered some little critters and cool rocks in the creek.

Looking for more like this? Girls can enjoy the outdoors at anytime with our:

All GSWPA troops can submit their activities and adventures to be featured on the GSWPA Blog!

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Thursday THANKS! featuring GSWPA volunteers

When it comes to recognizing the ongoing commitments of GSWPA’s volunteers, we asked our staff who know best—the Volunteer Support Specialists at our council. These staff are in the front row watching our volunteers plan events, offering help whenever it’s needed, and cheering them on. During National Volunteer Month, we will feature highlights from our Volunteer Support Specialists that celebrate volunteers throughout GSWPA.

Troop 16412 – Service Unit 2606 Norwin

Westmoreland County

Denise, who is a teacher, has gone above and beyond to keep her girls engaged throughout the pandemic on Zoom. She found both inspiration and partnership with the Norwin Public Library. The community partner was doing all kinds of fun and engaging virtual programs for youth last summer. Denise got inspiration from those and recreated them as part of her troop meetings—including introducing the girls to a dogsled musher! The girls also worked on the My Family Story badge with some help from the librarian who met with the girls virtually. The troop’s Zoom meetings have been very well attended and the 18 girls never want to miss one!

Service Unit 3642 Grove City

Mercer County

The service unit partnered with their neighboring Girl Scouts in Service Units 1601 (Wilmington) and 3657 (Commodore Perry) to work together to create a holiday video to send to all of the senior living facilities in their areas.

Troop 16292 – Service Unit 5804 West Jefferson Hills

Allegheny County

Junior Troop 16292 has been meeting virtually–they even had a virtual cupcake war! The leaders kept the troop moving through the pandemic by celebrating World Thinking Day, working on badges, and selling cookies. The girls voted to use their cookie proceeds for a troop camp, which all of the members are looking forward to!

Service Unit 3616 Millcreek

Erie County

Service Unit Manager Amy provided a virtual opportunity for the Girl Scouts in her service unit to learn them how to make bread. The session was two parts. First, the girls learned about ingredients and how to make the bread. Once it was in the oven, they took a break. The group then came back together when it was time to take it out of the oven. Amy also provided a recipe for soup to go with their freshly baked bread!

Service Unit 1603 Scrimshaw

Beaver County

Michelle Gould and Teresa Sullivan are troop leaders for Girl Scout Troop 50551 in Hopewell. These leaders have done a great job keeping their troop busy this past year with virtual and in-person meetings. They recently accepted a new girl to the troop and she was so excited to go on her first outing to Artsy Doodle in Beaver with the other girls. They have done booth sales, they work on badges, and they take trips when possible. “We just want to give them a big shout out for all they do!” said Paula Cribbs, GSWPA Volunteer Support Specialist.

Service Unit 2632 Petroleum Valley

Butler County

“This service unit has continued to keep the girls meeting and offered other outside activities—you can’t stop Girl Scouts! Their Facebook page is consistently loaded with activities that the girls have been enjoying. It’s great to see the girls having fun amid the pandemic.”—Beth Ostrosky, GSWPA Volunteer Support Specialist

Happy National Volunteer Month!

Check out this video message from the staff at GSWPA.

Looking for more ways to celebrate our volunteers?
👉 Volunteer Appreciation Resources

Troop Tuesday – April 20, 2021

As part of earning their Bronze Award, Girl Scouts Lyla, Gabriella, Natalie, and Ella from GSWPA Troop 52544 made no-sew fleece blankets for dogs at a local animal shelter, South Hills Pet Rescue.

The girls began their project by inviting the owner of the animal shelter to join one of their meetings. They asked questions and learned that South Hills Pet Rescue is always in need of dog blankets, so they chose to fill the need by making and donating no-sew fleece blankets to help the shelter.

In addition to providing the shelter with blankets, the girls organized a neighborhood pet supply drive for the shelter. The fliers for their drive also included information about the animal shelter as a community resource and instructions on making the no-sew blankets. This way, the community could continue to support the shelter and other animals in need. The troop distributed the flyers in their neighborhoods and on social media.

Congratulations to these Girl Scouts for earning their Bronze Award and making their corner of the world a better place!

Troop 52544 is a Junior troop with 9 girl members and 3 troop volunteers in McMurray, PA.

For more about the Girl Scout Bronze Award and getting started on earning it visit our Bronze Award page.

All GSWPA troops can submit their activities and adventures to be featured on the GSWPA Blog!

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Why we’re here: The #GSdifference

Fact: The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is time-tested and backed up by data. The longer she’s in Girl Scouts, the more likely she is to enjoy life satisfaction later on. 📊 Read more about the long term benefits of being a Girl Scout.

So, we have the facts, but what we’re wondering is this:
What has been the #GSdifference in YOUR Girl Scout’s life?

#GSdifference Contest

From April 15-May 31, Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania is running a social media contest for GSWPA Girl Scouts who joined/renewed for the 2021-2022 Girl Scout year.

Prize: Three participating GSWPA Girl Scouts will be chosen at random to win a prize pack. 😲 And winners will be featured with GSWPA—our blog, our Facebook, and more!

It’s easy to play!
  1. Renew or join for the 2021-2022 Girl Scout year.
  2. Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) and keep an eye out for ANY post that contains #GSdifference.
  3. Comment on the post.
    • Let us know that you (or your girl) is renewed/joined and ready to go for the next year of adventures.
    • Share the #GSdifference in her life. Courage? New hobby? Set her on a career path? We all have a reason for being a Girl Scout—what’s her’s? Add a photo if you can!!
    • Tag a friend who should participate too!
  4. Share the post from your account.
An example:

“Julia is renewed for next year! The opportunities she has had as a Girl Scout have pushed her out of her comfort zone and taught her to always try. She went from a shy girl at a cookie booth to charging the climbing tower at camp!

@Stacey Parker comment to win!”

Other rules:
  • A comment on a post that includes #GSdifference qualifies as an entry.
    • Entries must include a statement that the Girl Scout is a member for the upcoming Girl Scout year, one difference that Girl Scouts has made in her life (or why she joined if you’re a new member), and a tag of someone else.
  • Want to enter more than once? Yes, please! You may comment as many times on as many posts as you’d like—we would love to hear ALL the ways that Girl Scouts has impacted your life! Just make sure your one difference and tag of someone else are always different.

Thursday THANKS! featuring GSWPA volunteers

When it comes to recognizing the ongoing commitments of GSWPA’s volunteers, we asked our staff who know best—the Volunteer Support Specialists at our council. These staff are in the front row watching our volunteers plan events, offering help whenever it’s needed, and cheering them on. During National Volunteer Month, we will feature highlights from our Volunteer Support Specialists that celebrate volunteers throughout GSWPA.

Service Unit 3655 Jamestown

Mercer County

Service Unit 3655 Jamestown hosted a live Zoom Cookie Rally, inviting GSWPA staff to conduct an activity: Flower Crowns. Troop leader Jessica Brocklehurst facilitated a horse and stable activity to match the theme of the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Program. The rally wrapped up with service unit manager Heather Balas instructing girls to craft a paper owl puppet. All the girls showed off their projects and had a really good time virtually! What an awesome way to stay connected and kickoff cookie season with excitement!

Service Unit 2606 Norwin

Westmoreland County

Service Unit 2606 had creative ideas to make the best of the virtual platform for their girls, including playing Pictionary using the Zoom Whiteboard feature, doing scavenger hunts around their homes for badge programs, and taking virtual field trips to the zoo and other places. The leaders took turns hosting virtual meetings and planning activities. One of the girls’ favorites was working on a badge about senses. The girls had to describe the different items in their bags, which combined two Girl Scout program pillars—the life skill of public speaking and the STEM aspect of our senses!

Troop 38021 – Service Unit 3610 Shenango Valley

Butler County

Troop 38021 volunteered at the Greenville Salvation Army during the annual toy/food drive in December 2020. Girl Scouts provided community service and the project was girl-led. The girls were happy to volunteer and help during the day.

Troops 26831 & 27038 – Service Unit 2664 Central Westmoreland

Westmoreland County

Girl Scouts from Troops 26831 and 27038 bundled up and took action to bring some cheer to residents at Westmoreland Manor and in the process, brought a smile (and tears) to more than just the residents. The girls got together to build snowmen outside the windows of the Manor for all the residents and staff to enjoy. (One of the snowmen was even sporting a mask!) While they were building the snowmen, a nurse on staff came out on her break and was in tears. She told the girls that the Manor has been in lockdown for nearly one year–no visitors (including family). She knew that seeing the snowmen was going to be such a treat for the residents.

The girls had so much fun that they’ve already planned a trip back to the manor in the warmer weather to chalk the sidewalks!

Troop 16337 – Service Unit 4674 Forest Hills Portage

Cambria County

Troop 16337 has taken the lead to continue to provide story time at their library to local families. Prior to the pandemic, the Girl Scouts presented story time in-person at the library, and now they are presenting story time via Facebook while restrictions are in place. The girls choose a story, learn it, then decide if it will just be read or, in the most recent case, acted out on camera as the story is read by another Girl Scout. Thanks to their troop leaders, the Girl Scouts have the opportunity to practice reading and public speaking while providing a service to the families in their community.

Happy National Volunteer Month!

Check out this video message from the staff at GSWPA.

Looking for more ways to celebrate our volunteers?
👉 Volunteer Appreciation Resources

Troop Tuesday – April 13, 2021

With many long-term living facilities adjusting visiting protocols during the pandemic, Girl Scout Troop 27104 thought creatively about how they could support these members of their community.

As springtime approached—a time of newness and excitement—the girls in Troop 27104 wanted to bring that fun feeling of spring indoors for residents of a local care home. The Girl Scouts crafted floral wreaths to donate to the care home as their spring service project.

We’re so proud of these girls for being considerate and caring of others. Great job, Girl Scouts!

Troop 27104 is a multi-level troop with 10 girl members and 4 troop volunteers in Philipsburg, PA.

For ways to support senior citizens in your community, check out:

All GSWPA troops can submit their activities and adventures to be featured on the GSWPA Blog!

👉 Share your Girl Scout story!

Because of you, the Girl Scout volunteer

April is National Volunteer Month, and I am thrilled to celebrate our amazing volunteers and recognize all that you do for your Girl Scouts. This past year has brought hurdles no one could have imagined. All our staff here at GSWPA are inspired by the ways our volunteers—YOU—have persevered to show girls what it means to be Girl Scout strong.

We see you delivering activity supplies to your girls so they can participate in virtual troop meetings from home.  

We see you sorting a mountain of cookie cases because you helped your girls exceed their cookie goals this year. 

We see you making in-person gatherings safe for your girls to connect with each other when their world has gone virtual.    

We see you building up a girl who is less sure of her abilities and helping her build her confidence. 

We see you giving girls space to their ideas, use their voices, and express their feelings about our increasingly complicated world. 

We see you opening girls’ eyes to a world of possibility.

Because of your motivation and support, your Girl Scouts find the confidence to set big goals AND achieve them. It’s because of you-your time and commitment—our girls have community and resilience.

Because of you, girls are building life-long friendships. 

Because of you, girls are achieving big goals.

Because of you, girls are exploring new interests and developing new skills.  

Because of you, girls are learning they can accomplish anything.

Because of you, girls are changing their communities for the better. 

Because of you, we have Girl Scouts.  

We’re in awe of you. Thank you, from all of us at GSWPA, for all you do as a Girl Scout volunteer.  For the hours, the energy, and the heart you put into leading this generation of girls to help them build their voices and prepare for lifetimes of leadership.  

You are Girl Scout Strong. You are the heart of Girl Scouting. And we’re grateful for you.

Thank you and happy National Volunteer Month!

from all of us at Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania