Thursday THANKS! featuring GSWPA volunteers

When it comes to recognizing the ongoing commitments of GSWPA’s volunteers, we asked our staff who know best—the Volunteer Support Specialists at our council. These staff are in the front row watching our volunteers plan events, offering help whenever it’s needed, and cheering them on. During National Volunteer Month, we will feature highlights from our Volunteer Support Specialists that celebrate volunteers throughout GSWPA.

Service Unit 2630 Glacier’s End

Butler County

Service Unit 2630 Glacier’s End had a virtual troop meeting and conducted a ‘cake-cookie-war’ contest for the girls to kick off the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Program. Each girl was given a cake mix, frosting, and Girl Scout Cookies to decorate their cakes! The girls could decorate their cakes anyway they liked, and they had a blast making and showing their cakes.

Service Unit 5802 Brentwood

Allegheny County

Mary Ann and the service unit team members of Service Unit 5802 Brentwood held a Virtual Sweetheart Dance for their Girl Scouts. The girls and volunteers were excited to participate. The volunteers coordinated catered meals that were picked up via a drive through service. Included in the meal pick up was a bag with details on connecting to the virtual DJ for the dance , a fun patch, and a small gift.

“I think this is super creative and a great way to continue a tradition in the community,” said Janelle Upole, GSWPA Volunteer Support Specialist. “They have done great things to adapt their service unit events and keep Girl Scouting alive in their community – pandemic or not!”

Troop 17007 – Service Unit 4624 Bellwood Tyrone

Somerset County

Troop leader Allison diligently coordinated gathering her Girl Scouts in February 2021. Since their last in-person meeting in September 2020, the girls were able to stay connected, but Allison had to search for a new meeting location while navigating the ever-changing COVID-19 guidelines and the varying comfort levels of her Girl Scouts and their families. Once Allison secured a new meeting location and everyone was ready to gather, seeing each other again was a small thing with a big meaning to her and the girls.

Service Unit 2642 Freeport Area

Armstrong County

Lori Kibler put together a dog sled event over the winter for the service unit in partnership with local sled dog teams. Girl Scouts learned about sledding, met the dogs, took pictures, explored sleds and carts, and watched live demonstrations.

Troop 28008 – Service Unit 5104 NA East

Allegheny County

“Sarah Mount Elewononi is the biggest champion for Girl Scouts that I have had the pleasure of working with since starting this position in October. She is always forward-thinking about what she can do as a leader and as a service unit manager (a role that she has yet to fully step into) to make each experience for girls the best that it can be. Sarah leads her troop with confidence and with grace, being a fantastic role model for her troop to look up to. She ensures that in her multi-level troop, each girl is challenged and enjoys their Girl Scouting experience.”—Paige Devlin, GSWPA Volunteer Support Specialist

Happy National Volunteer Month!

Check out this video message from the staff at GSWPA.

Looking for more ways to celebrate our volunteers?
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