Troop Tuesday: National Bridging Week

Service units across our council are preparing for their special Bridging Ceremonies—just like Service Unit 3622 of Fairview, Erie County. Congratulations to all of these troops! All that you’ve done during this Girl Scout level is remarkable, and we’re rooting for you as you start your next level—your next adventure!

Troop 36860

Troop Leaders Nicole M. & Allison L.

Troop 36860 completed two Journeys this year. The girls worked with others to clean up the Avonia Beach butterfly garden and learned about the Girl Scout Law to complete Welcome to the Flower Garden. Then they learned all about how to care for themselves and animals completing the 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals by meeting a special three legged cat named Taco, meeting a local veterinarian, and making educational books for the Humane Society.

Troop 36860 also worked on their automotive engineering skills, learned all about robots, tested their skills in toy designing, and met with the Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper to learn about government.

As a troop, the girls earned two of their Girl Scout Cookie selling leaves and sold 983 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies!

Bridging from Daisies to Brownies:
  • Maya A.
  • Mia B.
  • Tori B.
  • Elle C.
  • Gia F.
  • Gemma H.
  • Lauren L.
  • Faith L.
  • Maddie M.
  • Ainsley M.
  • Magdalena S.

Troop 36860 Girl Scouts becoming second-year Daisies:

  • Marissa K.
  • Rachel L.
  • Amelia W.

Troop 40978

Troop Leaders Annie B. & Jessica H.

Troop 40978 participated in several activities this year including a border patrol tour, a scarecrow building event, pottery painting, and horseback riding!

Bridging from Daisies to Brownies:
  • Hayley B. 
  • Jocelyn H. 
  • Amelia M.
  • Salena M.
  • Quinn T.
  • Brynn N.
  • Blakely N.
  • Britton S.
  • Laine M.
  • Flora D.

Troop 46671

Troop Leaders Sarah H. & Brea S.

As Brownies, Troop 46771 enjoyed painting lessons with a local artist, learning about First Aid from their troop leader, touring the Sturgeon House, a local historical landmark, and joining their Girl Scout sisters at many fun service unit events! The troop will be gathering at a year-end picnic to celebrate summer.

Bridging from Brownies to Juniors:
  • Ellie H.
  • Cecelia S.
  • Amelia S.
  • Camilla S.
  • Kathryn W.
  • Madelynn B.

Troop 36882

Troop Leader Irene M.

Troop 36882 kept busy this year with new experiences like the Asbury Woods Holiday Lights Hike and Virtual Candy Camp. The troop enjoyed Mug Cake Mondays (sounds yummy!) and many service unit events like the Thinking Day Art Gallery!

Troop 36882 will be enjoying an upcoming behind-the-scenes zoo trip, which they are all very excited for!

Bridging from Brownies to Juniors:
  • Aurora B.
  • Aubrey N.
  • Elizabeth M.
  • Ivy L.
  • Lily A.
  • Olivia M.
  • Tara W.
  • Jocelyn P.

Troop 27110

Troop Leaders Laura S. & Sue H.

These Girl Scouts completed many Junior badges virtually including Digital Photographer, First Aid, Jeweler, Coding, and Citizen Scientist. Brown bags with activities and supplies were delivered to homes so that girls could make mug cakes, play MOOZ, and make sit-upons.

It was a complete Girl Scout year with hiking, planting, painting, and playing together.

Bridging from Juniors to Cadettes:
  • Madison B.
  • Micayla E.
  • Faith H.
  • Harper H.
  • Abigail H.
  • Octavia L.
  • Rachel L.
  • Sophia M.

Troop 36509

Troop Leaders Lisa H. & Kaley F.

As Juniors, Troop 36509 joined their Girl Scout sisters at service unit gatherings like Goose Chase, Service in September, Winter Get Outdoors, and more! The girls constructed Australia for the World Thinking Day Art Gallery, and they enjoyed selling lots of cookies this cookie season.

Bridging from Juniors to Cadettes:
  • Gaelie H.
  • Ella S.
  • Lauren F.
  • Brooke A.
  • Lalana N.
  • Carissa W.
  • Coraline S.
  • Maelyn M.
  • Amelia D.
  • Amy T.

Troop 36545

Troop Leaders Christina V. & Monica M.

Troop 36545 came together virtually for brownie baking and Candy Camp. They are working on their Program Aide Training and looking forward to helping at this summer’s day camp. The troop spent time helping others by volunteering at their local humane society.

Bridging from Juniors to Cadettes:
  • Emily G.
  • Meredith M.
  • Ellery N.
  • Sarah A.

Troop 36507

Troop Leader Melanie D., Co-leader Monica M., and Troop Cookie Manager Megan C.

From baking and creating stop motion videos on Zoom to butterfly garden clean up, Troop 36507 had some busy Juniors! During their Junior level, the girls were able to enjoy Camp Creepy, hiking at Asbury Woods, learning new outdoor skills, and selling Girl Scout Cookies!

Bridging from Juniors to Cadettes:
  • Zoe M.
  • Clara D.
  • Kayla G.
  • Bella A.
  • Nova D.
  • Maisee C.
  • Nicole F.
  • Riley H.

Troop 30836

Troop Leaders Laura S., Michelle W., and Linda D.

During this Girl Scout level, these girls camped in rain and snow at Camp Hawthorne Ridge, Camp Conshatawba, and a US Coast Guard station. They toured the Erie Cemetery, biked at Presque Isle State Park, and enjoyed Zoom get-togethers.

Troop 30836 had a successful (and fun!) cookie season, and they worked hard on their outdoor booths.

The girls stayed connected during the summer of 2020 by baking together on Zoom every Friday.

Bridging from Seniors to Ambassadors:

  • Mallory B.*
  • Julie D.*
  • Isabella D.*
  • Autumn L.*
  • Josefina S.
  • Ashley S.*
  • Lydia S.*
  • Lauren W.

    Indie Scout Bridging from Cadette to Senior:
  • Kenzie S.

*2020 Silver Award Girl Scouts (Greenhouse Garden and Bat House)

Service Unit 3622’s bridging ceremony was held on Monday, June 7 with Amy M. serving as the mistress of ceremonies.

All GSWPA Girl Scouts, troops, and service units can submit their Girl Scout adventures and accomplishments to be featured on the GSWPA Blog!

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