National Bridging Week: June 5-12

Levelling up in Girl Scouts is a big deal. It’s a moment to honor all your Girl Scout’s accomplishments and celebrate the resilient, bold, and thoughtful girl she’s become.

Bridging is a special tradition that marks Girl Scouts’ achievements throughout the years and celebrates their “crossing the bridge” to the next level. It typically involves a ceremony where the whole family can recognize how far their Girl Scout has come and prepare for amazing things to come.

Even more exciting? Looking ahead to the next stage in the Girl Scout journey—one filled with new adventures, activities, discoveries, and friends.

About a few of our bridging Girl Scouts

“Lily is renewed and will be flying up to Juniors next year! She is super passionate about art, animals and bugs, computer science, and caring for the earth. We’re looking forward to another year of learning, laughter, and friendship in her amazing troop! 💚”—Sarah

“Emily is renewed for next year, and she is moving up to Brownies. She has had fun and learned so much in the last two years. She has almost completed every Daisy badge, and she is excited for more. Madison is renewed and almost done with her Silver Award. She will be a senior and has been in Girl Scouts since kindergarten—looking forward to her going all the way through!”—Diana

“Alyssa and Serena are renewed for another year… and I have signed up for another year as their troop leader! Serena is flying up to a first-year Junior, and Alyssa is starting her second year as a Senior. Our time together in Girl Scouts with the friends we treasure is what we enjoy the most.”—Kira

“Avery and I are renewed for next year. She will fly up to Juniors. She said, “My favorite part of Girl Scouts is camping and hanging out with my Girl Scout sisters. I liked learning about building a campfire and helping in the community—like when we cleaned up trash!”—Jessica

“Devan is renewed for next year! She will be a first-year Junior. She said her favorite part of Girl Scouts is “getting to try new things even when I’m scared, like camping and indoor rock climbing. I know it’s safe to try, because my friends are there to cheer me on! I also like helping people and animals in the community. It’s nice to do things for others. “—Diane

“Cadence is renewed and will be a Cadette! She is planning a Lasagna Camp Weekend for the troop—making sauce, cheese, and pasta. Having and idea, creating a plan, and making it happen is the #gsdifference.”—Amanda

“Alyssa is working on finishing up her Bronze Award and renewed for next year. She is bridging to Cadette this year. A few years back our troop was losing its leader and dissolving. She asked me if I would please take over as leader. She was becoming such close friends with her sister Girl Scouts, and she didn’t want to lose them. I’m glad I decided to because we all need those really good friends in life, and with Girl Scouts, I think she has those. On top of that, it brings her and me closer together and helps her learn and grow her leadership skills.”—Stephanie

“Lydia has been renewed for another year… and I am signed up for another year as her troop leader! She is flying up to her first year as a Junior! It’s hard to believe we have done four years in Girl Scouts already… Our time together in scouts with the friends we treasure is what we enjoy the most.”—Leslie

“My daughter Emerson Winning has already renewed for next year as a new Brownie. Girl Scouts have helped her gain courage and overcome her severe shyness and now loves helping with the meetings.”—Sandy

Celebrate Her Continued Girl Scout Journey  

At the end of the Girl Scout year, those leaving:

  • Grade 1 bridge to Brownies
  • Grade 3 bridge to Juniors
  • Grade 5 bridge to Cadettes
  • Grade 8 bridge to Seniors
  • Grade 10 bridge to Ambassadors

And those graduating high school bridge to adults.

Sign up for national events where girls will earn their bridging awards and celebrate each other’s strengths. Although not required, completing the steps to earn Girl Scout Bridging Awards gives Girl Scouts a taste of what their experience will be like at the next level.

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