Troop Tuesday – June 29, 2021

Just like so many others, Girl Scout Troop 46136 knew this past cookie season would bring new challenges and new ways to overcome them. Of all the things they discovered though, their new success was the most surprising—and exciting!

When the troop faced restrictions on their plans for indoor booth sales, they ventured out….into the parking lots! With the permission of several local businesses, Troop 46136 found the sweetest spots with high visibility and opportunity.

“A customer in a grocery store, they may or may not be interested, but when a customer pulls up to your parking lot booth, you know they’re a Girl Scout Cookie lover,” said Heather Murphey, troop leader.

The troop achieved their cookie goals, and three of the Girl Scout achieved Super Seller status: Allyson S., Sierra N., and Addison F.

Sierra N., Addison F., and Allyson S., along with more than 480 GSWPA Super Seller Girl Scouts celebrated their remarkable accomplishments at the council’s annual Super Seller event. This year’s experience was a meal and an interactive mystery show. Congratulations, Girl Scouts!

Allyson says it was exciting to get back to selling cookies and to help cookie customers who stopped at their booths.

“Girl Scouts has had a positive impact on me by helping me overcome my fear of speaking in front of others,” says Allyson.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is part of learning people skills, as well as decision making and money management. Sierra N. says she spent this cookie season honing her ability to handle taking money and making change from multiple customers.

Troop 46136 is looking forward to using their cookie proceeds on their favorite Girl Scout pastimes—camping together, taking trips together, and just being together.

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