Alum stands in confidence thanks to her Girl Scout experience

Regina Munsch, Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania alum and a Gold Award Girl Scout, consistently finds herself standing confidently in traditionally male-dominated areas. From playing the trumpet in middle school to earning her bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering to currently pursuing a career as a dentist, she says that it’s Girl Scouts that helped her be in those places, support other women, and feel confident in her own abilities.

Regina earned her Gold Award by creating a book titled Growing Up Catholic in Pittsburgh. Regina wanted to take the lessons and ideas learned in church and help young children apply them to their lives in Pittsburgh. Regina’s book, which was published in 2019, connects lessons of Catholicism with the city of Pittsburgh, connecting the Holy Trinity with the three rivers, for example, to help children see their faith throughout the rest of their lives.

Just as Regina took ideas from her religion and connected them to the world around her, Regina sees how her experience in the Girl Scout Movement continues to have a profound impact on her life. As a young woman, she embraces her fellow Girl Scout alum sisters knowing they will be true friends with their common belief to support other women.

“The Movement has always been
about lifting up your sisters, and
that’s an ultimate lesson that I
have carried with me.”

“You meet someone, and you just know ‘Okay, she empowers women, she knows what it’s like, and she has those values,’” Regina said. “In a time when women’s rights are continuing to expand and it can be difficult for women to lift each other up, that has always been the emphasis of Girl Scouts.”

Regina is a lifetime member of Girl Scouts, and as a Bronze and Silver, and Gold Award Girl Scout, she offers advice to the younger girls who are on their journey to earn their highest awards in Girl Scouting: “The fact that you are thinking of going on this path already means that you are capable of it.”

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