Top 5 Tips To Have Fun While Selling Cookies

As Girl Scouts throughout western Pennsylvania begin planning their 2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program, we want to share advice from a Girl Scout sister.

Last year was Camryn’s first year in Girl Scouts and her first cookie season. She had lots of fun as she worked her way to achieving Super Seller status. When we checked in with her about her accomplishment, she shared these Top 5 Tips To Have Fun While Selling Cookies.

1. Set a goal and know what your troop will do with the money earned from sales. Customers really liked to hear what the money earned would go towards and how close I was to reaching my personal goal.

2. Be polite, speak loud and clear, make eye contact, and most importantly SMILE.

3. Having a clipboard helped me stay organized and also made it nice for my customers to have a place to write on.

4. Remember the donation option for anyone who may not want any for themselves, and if they say no, leave them with a link to your personal selling page in case they change their mind.

5. Write thank you cards to show how much you appreciate each person. Writing a handful of cards each night leading up to delivery day did the trick.

What tips do you have for girls who may be Climbing with Courage to reach big goals this cookie season?

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