Girl Scout achieves big goals.

Girl Scouts set big goals that span from cookie business success to taking on new adventures. As a Super Seller in product programs at Girl Scouts, Magen Walzak of Clarion County is happy to have achieved her goals in both the Girl Scout Cookie Program and the fall MagNut Program. But Magen was more than just happy as she talked about her other Girl Scout accomplishments—she was Girl Scout proud.

Magen says that the best thing she has done as a Girl Scout was earning her Girl Scout Silver Award alongside members of her troop, Troop 26803. The group worked together to complete improvements at the local baseball and softball fields for their peers and community. She’s already looking forward to including this project on her college applications and planning to earn her Gold Award, as well.

One of Magen’s biggest self-proclaimed moments of growth, however, was when her goal of ziplining collided with her fear of heights. She was with her Girl Scout sisters and felt supported, but it was her own strength that pushed her beyond the platform.

“I was a little scared, but I’ve always wanted to do it,” said Magen. “I just made wanting to zipline bigger than the fear of doing it.”

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