Volunteer Spotlight: Lillian Marquez

When Lillian Marquez and her daughter saw information about Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania posted at their local library, they both decided to join. Now, nine years later, Lillian is thankful for the decision they made and for the opportunities they have both experienced through Girl Scouts. She enjoys seeing girls explore their potential while learning alongside them herself. 

Lillian has worn many hats when it comes to volunteering with Girl Scouts. She has held positions such as troop leader, day camp leader, day camp director, service unit delegate, troop MagNut and cookie manager, and travel troop leader. It is evident that Lillian enjoys being a leader because when she’s not volunteering, she is a family coach and mentor for students at a cyber school. 

One of Lillian’s favorite aspects of volunteering is being able to give girls the experience of setting goals and achieving those goals through determination and perseverance. Her troop reached their goals of funding troop trips to destinations such as Great Wolf Lodge and Niagara Falls. She hopes they’ve learned that if they put their minds to something, they can achieve it.  

To allow a troop to function smoothly and continue to grow, Lillian’s piece of advice to new volunteers would be to not be afraid of asking for help and delegating tasks. She says, “open communication, asking for help, and delegating the job responsibilities will all help develop a rapport for the continued success of the troop in the future.” 

Lillian says that Girl Scouts is a very rewarding experience, and she plans to continue volunteering even after her daughter graduates.  

Happy National Volunteer Month!

Check out this video message from the staff at Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania.

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