Volunteer Spotlight: Misty Stephens

When Girl Scout information was presented to Misty Stephens and her daughters at their local library, she knew it would not only be a wonderful opportunity for her girls, but for herself, too.

Misty has been a troop leader for five years, and this year she took on a new role as service unit troop coach for new troop leaders. Last summer, she was the camp nurse at Camp Conshatawba. She is also a member of Trefoil Alumni where she helps with event planning.

Misty enjoys watching girls as they grow and develop a sense of Girl Scout sisterhood. “I love to see how the girls learn to adapt and change with everything around them—other girls in the troop, COVID-19 guidelines, changing up the type of meetings from in-person to virtual and back,” she said. “The girls have really taken the ‘sister to every Girl Scout’ to heart. I love to see their personalities grow and their excitement of learning new things.”

One of Misty’s favorite memories as a Girl Scout volunteer is taking her girls to an event at Seven Springs where they earned their horse lover’s badge. The girls learned about the care and needs of the horses—mucking the stalls, feeding the horses, and exercising them.

The biggest challenge Misty has faced as a volunteer was keeping the girls involved and engaged during the pandemic when her troop couldn’t meet in person. She utilized virtual meetings, home assignments, coordinating porch pick-ups, and scheduling outdoor activities such as scavenger hunts. “The girls really understood that keeping their sister Girl Scouts safe was a priority,” she said

Misty was new to Girl Scouts when she first volunteered, but after taking the trainings, connecting with other local volunteers, and establishing a relationship with council staff, she felt more confident with herself and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Her advice to new volunteers is take the time to learn, ask questions, and most importantly, have fun with the girls. “You will learn so much not only about the girls, but about yourself, too,” she said.

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