Rallying around our cookie bosses

Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania has a sweet announcement coming—the name of the new Girl Scout Cookie that will be joining the 2023 lineup nationwide! Before we rally around a new cookie, we want to highlight some of our cookie bosses, their goals, and the impact the Girl Scout Cookie Program has had on their lives.

Devan of Junior Troop 36774 reached her incredible goal of selling at least one box of cookies in each of the 50 United States this year. Devan’s mother, Diane, attributes Devan’s entrepreneurial skills to Girl Scouts.

“Devan is only 10 years old and has had her own little farmstand business since the pandemic started, and everything she is able to do within that business, she learned from selling Girl Scout Cookies,” she said.

With five chickens and her own vegetable garden that she grew from seeds, Devan sells eggs and produce and uses the profits to buy supplies to care for her chickens.

“She is solely responsible for every aspect of this,” Diane said. “She works very hard in the garden and with the chickens. She also has five of the happiest chickens on Earth, because she spoils them rotten!” Her garden was even given an Honorable Mention in the 2021 Great Gardens Contest through the Shaler Garden Club.

“I just wanted to share with you how successful even a young girl can be, because of Girl Scouts,” Diane said.

There are many different approaches Girl Scouts can take when it comes to selling cookies. For Annie of Junior Troop 30621, that approach this year was cold-calling. She began calling friends and family and soon expanded her list of potential buyers, dialing her father’s friends and business colleagues. Annie sold more than 750 boxes of cookies this year, all via telephone.

Annie’s story was even featured on KDKA:

While Winter Storm Izzy brought heavy snow to Pennsylvania and other northeast states this past January, another “Winter Storm Izzy” was busy with Girl Scout Cookie orders.

Isabella—or “Winter Storm Izzy” as she called herself—of Junior Troop 16396 got creative and made a video of her top five activities to do during the winter storm, which her mom shared to Facebook:

5. Play games with your family.

4. Decorate for Valentine’s Day.

3. Go Steelers! Watch a Steelers game.

2. Once it snows, play outside.

1. Buy Girl Scout Cookies!

She shared her Digital Cookie link and thanked her customers for buying cookies from her, blowing a kiss at the end of the video.

To share the joy of Girl Scout Cookies in their communities, many girls donated cookies to local organizations and charities. Ryleigh from Multi-level Troop 27314 delivered 10 donated boxes of assorted Girl Scout Cookies to the Hermitage Police Department. Brownie Troop 57074 donated five cases of cookies to the Ronald McDonald House of Pittsburgh.

When girls set cookie goals and reach those goals, they are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Girls in Cadette Troop 54371 who reached their cookie goals this year were rewarded with another surprise: getting to pie a troop leader in the face. Girl Scout Emma posed with a whipped cream pie before she sent it flying.

Emma’s mother, who is also a volunteer and troop leader, said, “this was so much fun.”

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the upcoming Girl Scout Cookie season!

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