Cookies to Camping (Part 2)

The countdown is on! Girl Scout Cookie Season is only one month away, and we can’t wait to see what this year has in store for our cookie bosses. What goals will you achieve this year? That’s up to you!

Remember Indie Girl Scout sisters Illy and Nina from Bethel Park who had their sights set on camp earlier this year? During the 2022 cookie season, the girls had a goal of selling 3,000 packages of Girl Scout Cookies to help them both fund an additional week at camp, and together they sold over 5,000 packages!

Illy and Nina were able to fund camps this summer with their Indie Girl Scout Program Rewards. Nina attended four camps and Illy attended three, all at Camp Skymeadow and Camp Conshatawba.

Nina tried rock climbing for the first time and says she learned new knots for tree climbing. She attended camp sessions including Tree Traversal, Trail Blazing, Cadette Crossing, and Ropes and Routes. One of her favorite memories is starting a fire for the Counselors-in-Training (CITs).

“They were having trouble starting a fire with a lighter and she had a flint and steel fire starter in her bag—left in her day bag by mistake from family camp the day before—and she started the fire for them,” the girls’ mom, Constance, said.

Illy attended camp sessions such as Junior Camper, Bookworms, and Flower Power, where she learned new facts about flowers. Her favorite memory is hanging out with her favorite counselor, Cedar.

Both girls are excited to attend more camps next year. With our variety of age-appropriate sessions at our various camps, there’s truly something for everyone!

Take it from Illy and Nina—adventure awaits you at camp!

Interested in camp? We’ve opened registration on select summer camp sessions at 15% off through December 20, 2022. Our entire selection of summer camp sessions will be open for registration on Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

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