Volunteer Spotlight: Lori Kibler

Lori Kibler’s Girl Scout journey began when she started out as a Brownie Girl Scout. She recalls one of her favorite memories cabin camping with an older troop.

“I have great memories of camping and other activities with my Girl Scout troop,” she said. “I still remember late night singing along to REO Speedwagon tunes with them!”

She reconnected with Girl Scouts when her oldest daughter, who is now in college, joined in kindergarten. She enjoys having the opportunity to help her daughters and their troopmates experience the world and create their own path.

Lori has been a Girl Scout volunteer for 14 years, with her most recent roles being troop leader and service unit manager for the Freeport Highlands Service Unit. She is also certified in archery and small craft safety, leading Girl Scouts through these activities as well.

Some of Lori’s favorite moments as a volunteer are the many May camping trips that have involved embracing the snow or harsh weather, seeing volunteer efforts put into action, and helping girls experience new things in the outdoors—from creek-walking to canoeing to touching a garter snake while on a hike.

Lori says that volunteering is more rewarding than she ever imagined, and her advice to new volunteers is to learn to adapt.

“A great experience for [Girl] Scouts means engaging in all kinds of activities including those you currently know nothing about,” she said. “Be willing to learn and show that you are learning with (and from) your [Girl] Scouts! Whether you are on plan C, or G, or even Q, just keep adjusting and moving the journey forward.”

Lori adds that the Girl Scouting family is large and amazing.

“From girls that I consider daughters—and have also become friends with as they’ve entered adulthood—to parent friends met through [Girl] Scouting, there is a bond here,” she said. “We’ve experienced so much together.”

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