Cookies to Camping

Sisters Nina and Illy, Cadette and Brownie Girl Scouts from Bethel Park, recently appeared on a local access program to talk about their Girl Scout adventures and the cookie program. The girls have big cookie goals this year with their sights set on summer camp.

The girls talked about their love of Girl Scout camp and their favorite camp, Camp Skymeadow. “We’ve been down every path there,” Nina said as the girls talked about their many memories at camp.

Illy spoke about her favorite activity—horseback riding. “I love riding horses. It just makes me feel really calm.”

As for Nina, one of her favorite camp activities is archery. “I actually first started archery at a Girl Scout camp. That’s where I learned about it.”

Illy explained that the opportunity for them to go to Girl Scout camp is dependent on the amount of Girl Scout Cookies they sell. Last year, the sisters sold a total of 2000 boxes of cookies, funding two Girl Scout camps each. This year they have an even bigger goal—3000 boxes of cookies to help both girls fund an additional week at camp.

When asked how they managed to sell so many cookies, Nina said, “We mostly go door to door. Since the pandemic happened, we have little flyers that we put on doors, so we don’t have to have physical contact with people.” The girls are also sure to include a link to their Digital Cookie sites on their flyers.

Not only do the sisters sell door to door, but Illy explained how they brave the elements to sell cookies for several hours at booth sales. And when someone doesn’t want to buy cookies for themselves? “You can donate a box to the military,” said Nina.

The girls were also sure to give a special shout-out to their favorite cookies—Do-si-dos for Nina and Lemon-Ups for Illy.

The sisters continue to strive for big goals this cookie season as they look forward to summer at camp.

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